Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Against cloying sweetness.  §

Kids—and people in general—want to know one thing: that it’s no big deal.

That their grades are no big deal. That the broken toy is no big deal. That death is no big deal. That life is no big deal. That the world goes on and all is well and it’s all okay, that life is life and everyone can and does handle it and the problems, they suck, but in the end they are no big deal.

This is why sick people hate being fawned over. This is why kids hate being petted and cooed at when they are crying. Because people don’t want anything to be catastrophically wrong, but when the chips are down, they need reassurances from those around them that it’s okay, it’s cool, nothing is catastrophically wrong after all, it’s just no big deal.

People go on, love goes on, life goes on. Today is the same as yesterday is the same as tomorrow, predictable and a space on which to paint your being.

That’s what people want to know. That it’s gonna be okay, and that means that it is and is gonna be normal.

Why do so few people seem to understand this?

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