Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Denial.  §

There are times in life when it can be difficult to face the choices before you. Not just to make the choices, but to face that the choices are actually the choices. If you find yourself putting off key actions or decisions, you may be in denial, rather than merely indecisive.

You don’t want to make the choice because that means having to accept what the options actually are, and if you’re not satisfied with any of them, this can be difficult to do. I know it is for me. You end up kicking the can down the road in the secret hope that while you stall, the list of choices will change.

There can be some usefulness to this strategy—at other times, it might simply be called “patience,” but it becomes maladaptive if patience begins to turn into stagnation and stasis for long periods of time. You only have one life to life, and the clock is ticking relentlessly. It’s patience if it’s a week or a month. It’s denial if it’s a year or a decade. The line is fuzzy, but as with all fuzzy things in life, at some point you have to make the call or you’ll be dead before you take another step.

Momentum is a hard-won thing, and once you’ve lost it, it can be painful to try to earn it back. Some never do.

I hope I’m not among them.

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