Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Things.  §

  • People who talk all the time about the power of love do so because they don’t believe in it themselves, but would desperately like to.
  • I’ll say it now, out loud: the emperor has no clothes. The race/gender lobby has turned into the totalitarian inquisition that they have long accused the Christians of being. Neither inquisition is compatible with enlightenment. Both are dangerous, and everyone knows it, only nobody right now is willing to call out the race/gender lobby because of their abusive, PTSD-infused tactics that can sink institutions and careers. The time will come.
  • Nobody—N O B O D Y—actually believes in liberal values. Show me ten people who say they believe in diversity, tolerance, freedom, reason, consciousness, and any other high-minded ideal that you care to name, and I will show you ten hypocrites who are lying through their teeth. I don’t care what their political persuasion is. People are selfish, end of story.
  • This is what a society that mocks philosophy looks like.

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