Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Math and narcissism.  §

The amount of numerical illiteracy on display about the Trump outcome is driving me nuts.

The national exit poll data is wildly easy to understand at the level at which major news outlets are publishing it. It’s like something that would be on an average SAT test. It’s not rocket science. But the amount of abuse being done to the numbers is astounding. People just can’t get their heads around basic, basic numbers like percentages and percentage changes. And as a result, they think the data is telling them things (White racists swung Trump! People of color swung Clinton! Rich people swung Trump!) that are patently untrue, even with the numbers sitting right there in front of their faces.

In fact, they take these numbers to social media and share them along with their rants, and other people like and follow and agree. And here are the numbers that clearly show the opposite. It’s shocking that people can’t take two numbers printed side by side, subtract one from the other, and get an accurate answer.

People are dumb, dumb, dumb in America. Problem #1. Even 5th-grade math skills are missing.

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