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Sacred cows and unforgivable sins.  §

I did the right thing.

And it makes me angry that doing the right thing so often leads to bad individual outcomes, because so many people are bad and the social order is so bad at enforcing regularity.

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I’m not a fan of Trump. But I also wasn’t a fan of Clinton.

As I am getting older, some would say that I am getting more “conservative.” And yet, at the same time, I was a strong Sanders supporter and embrace his message wholeheartedly.

The fact is that I’m more economically left than ever, but more socially right than ever. I think there ought to be a massive, massive safety net and massive wealth and opportunity redistribution. I also think that “rights” are a risky idea in general and that life ought to be instead regulated by way of “responsibilities” and “positions” to which people are socially assigned.

Granting individuals rights (beyond the idea of basic bodily safety and integrity) would seem to place the needs of individuals ahead of the needs of the social system that encompasses and sustains all individuals and indeed, in the human-dominated world that we live in, the planet as a whole.

I’m not a fan.

I need to read (yet more) classics in political theory. But at the end of the day, I think that predictability is more valuable than freedom when it comes to happiness that is not a short-lived mirage, that the needs (not the opinions or beliefs—a very different thing) of the majority ought to outweigh those of the minority, and that most people are indeed incapable of taking care of themselves or making their own decisions.

I have always had an authoritarian-left bias. These days that is increasing. Don’t know whether that’s good or bad.

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