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Early January stuff.  §

More effects of social media:

(1) An increase in reporting on the ways in which an in-group has been violated/betrayed/harmed by those not in the in-group; a collective increase in the fomenting and awareness of indignation—combined with…

(2) Self-segregation such that no alternative, humanizing, empathy-supporting viewpoints are ever heard, and much more importantly, no-one not in the indignant in-group is ever present or addressable, so that there is no ready target for the expression of this indignation—which leads to…

(3) An even greater sense of grievance and indignation at the inscrutability and intractability of the target, which is experiences as indignant helplessness in violation, i.e. victimhood, which is then circulated back through the in-group—return to (1) above, etc.

— § —

Few things seem as empty as the space left behind after a Christmas tree is removed in January.

Today was that day, and the tree is now gone. The rest of the “de-decoration” process happens tomorrow.

This year, for some reason, it’s a particularly poignant thing for me. I took much more care in doing it than I generally do, and I felt moved by a far stronger attachment to the tree than I have in years past.

I’ll even go so far as to say that it made me sad.

— § —

Tomorrow the iPad Mini goes out the door, sold on eBay. Good riddance. I didn’t realize quite how much I disliked iOS anymore until I had to use it every day.

Being back on Android is a breath of fresh air.

— § —

Things are busy at work. As in busy. It’s not that it interferes with my schedule or my parenting so much as that it leaves me with little of the “reflection time” that I thrive on.

On the other hand, “thrive” may be too strong a word given that this reflection time has led exactly nowhere over the last year or so.

— § —

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There’s a part of me that would like to garden again in spring. I’m not sure that this is feasible; my schedule and life are such that it seems like lunacy to even consider it. And yet I am considering it.

On the other hand, I wonder if it might not make more sense to adopt and invest our time in something community-oriented, come spring. You can’t meet many people in your own garden and I’m in a position in which I’d like to meet and regularly interact with more people.

— § —

Blah, blah, blah.

Once again I wrote about 10 good posts today while away from any ability to actually type them, and now that it’s late and I have a moment to myself to just type, I can’t remember any of them. If they reveal themselves once again, I’ll be back. Otherwise, I won’t.

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