Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Long days are long.  §

I’ve just knocked off work for the day. I shouldn’t but I’m going to. I’ve been working since 6:30 am this morning, the only breaks being to quickly throw together food that I ate at my desk, and to brew tea every now and then. That’s a 17-hour workday. On a Sunday.

Yesterday I worked, too, most of the day. On a Saturday.

Life in a management role.

— § —

I was going to write something today about so-called “intentional communities” vs. traditional communities, and about strong ties vs. weak ties. I had that bee in my bonnet when I woke up early this morning.

But there are some days on which you decide that you just don’t want to write a blog post after all.

Today is definitely one of those days.

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