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Wow, David Frum.  §

“When liberals insist that only fascists will defend borders, then voters will hire fascists to do the job liberals won’t do. This weekend’s shameful chapter in the history of the United States is a reproach not only to Trump, although it is that too, but to the political culture that enabled him. Angela Merkel and Donald Trump may be temperamental opposites. They are also functional allies.”

This is just about the most concise diagnosis of our political moment in the west that I’ve yet seen. Wow.

I think the point can also be generalized beyond mere “borders.” When liberals insist that only fascists acknowledge the legitimacy of democratic publics, then said democratic publics will hire fascists in a final, feeble attempt to save democracy.

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© Aron Hsiao / 2001

The problem with the liberal order and publics is that in their respective consciousnesses of wish-fulfillment, they came to believe that human reason and judicious habits of moderation gave us colonialism, slavery, genocide, global warming, nuclear war, and so on—rather than—as was actually the case—acting as checks on these things in an accelerating world.

And so liberals abandoned both reason and moderation as reactionary and regressive.

Now they are bewildered as they look around themselves and observe an emerging world unchecked by reason and moderation. They are still unable to come to the understanding of what has occurred, and believe that they must work even harder to stamp out both, for time is running out!

The forces formerly kept in check by reason and moderation, naturally, are only too happy to increasingly be free of them. Meanwhile, the liberals work harder and harder to stomp these out by the day, perplexed and apoplectic about the the fact that “despite” their stomping, new fires continue to emerge and old fires burn ever more brightly, rather than the opposite. They are convinced that these phenomena result from initiative on the part of fire itself, rather than resulting on the destruction of limits and preventative measures.

Oh yes, much of the nonliberal world comprises fascism. But the liberal world is a productive, if unwitting, ally of the fascists.

As Frum said, Trump and Merkel may be temperamentally different, but they are distinct and committed allies in the transformation that is occurring at the present.

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