Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

The thing is:  §

Here’s the thing.

We haven’t made as much “progress” as people on the left think that we have, in terms of culture. Whatever you think of left values, they are dominant now not because they have dispersed and been genuinely adopted by the population, but through the strategic exercise of power in social networks.

In short, people that aren’t on the progressive left haven’t been persuaded at all; they’ve merely been silenced by being shown that there are significant, unavoidable penalties to speaking their minds or acting according to their beliefs.

This is a dangerous state of affairs.

  • The cultural status quo (i.e. the empowered) complacently believe that progress has been made, while in fact a reservoir of anti-progress lurks beneath the surface.
  • Silence is not the same thing as acceptance, and it embodies a great deal of kinetic energy waiting to be released.
  • When it is released, the pendulum will swing significantly in the other direction; there are—people will believe—wrongs to finally be righted. And contrary to what the left imagines, Trump is not the release of this energy. Trump is a small pressure valve. When this energy is released, there will be zero question and zero time for discussion.

The totalitarian left is making the cultural mistakes of the past all over again.

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