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Thugs.  §

There is a difference between protesting speech and suppressing speech. If speakers are getting cancelled because of fear for their safety, you are suppressing speech.

There is a difference between protesting speech and rioting. If speakers are getting physically injured, you are rioting.

There is a difference between activism (of which I am already not a fan) and criminal activity. The students at Berkeley and now at Middlebury engaged in the latter. They should be in jail—all of them. And expelled from school.

I knew these kinds of activists once in my grad school years. I watched them injure people. Commit crimes. Claim to hold the “moral high ground” while doing it, because “by any means necessary” was seen to be a moral position justified by “just how bad” things were/are.

It is to my regret—and likely will be for the rest of my life—that I lacked the moral fortitude to involve law enforcement against them.

There was a time when I drew a line between that sort of “thuggery” and activism.

I often cannot see where to draw this line any longer in our society. Something has broken.

— § —

It gives me no pleasure to say that while Trump would not have been my choice, with every passing day I come to better understand those that wanted him. A corrective was and is needed. Not really sure that he is or will be it.

But what I see—sucks.

Arrest those “students”—anyone that moves beyond protesting (which is grand, traditional, and often noble) and into suppression and rioting. Discourse, yes. Violence? Jail.

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