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Privilege guilt for average people.  §

Here is how stupid things get.

The mainstream left has simply lost its mind.

Guilty of being “privileged” for being “average.” No. Just no.

Average: “Of the usual or ordinary standard, level, or quantity. Mediocre.”

Privileged: “Having special rights, advantages, or immunities.”

Now the average are supposed to check their privilege and feel guilty on that account. For the “privilege” of being “average.” Seriously, somebody wrote this, and somebody else published it.

This is all about the squishy SJW left, whom I can not stand and who have effectively driven me out of the left and away from academics, wanting to be sure that no one ever suffers and nothing is ever described as “less than.”

Some harsh news: Some people get the short end of the stick. Some people draw the short straw. That’s life. Some things suck. The idea that even being average is now a form of “privilege” for that very reason and by definition goes well beyond the usual vapid, virtue-signalling feel-goodism and into the territory of the offensively pureile.

Yes, let’s feel guilty about having, say, hair. Or legs. Or skin. Let’s feel guilty about being healthy, because after all, some people are sick. In fact, let’s feel guilty and check our privilege for being alive. After all, some poor people are dead, and why should being alive be the standard that everyone is judged by? I mean, how bigoted is it when I fail to feel guilty for respirating? There are people who can’t!

And that word—”dead”—is microaggressive In the extreme. They are “differently and diversely animated,” that’s all. I need to check my living-person privilege and never use the D-word again. Come to think of it, that word “animated” also makes presumptions and is thus micoaggressive against those who are not animated. Differently extant? No, what about all of those who don’t exist? After all, dead privilege applies there. Let’s go with “ontologically distinct.” There. Let’s all check our privilege and remember the struggles of the ontologically distinct amongst us.

(I interrupt this rant to make a philosophical point: To this crowd, it is specificity that is offensive and microaggressive, as specificity marks difference, which is—as has been pointed out by their very own postmodernist intelligencia, albeit early on before they recognized the extent of their collective sins against tolerance—the very purpose of language and signification. Thus, justice can only finally be achieved not when everyone speaks only in general terms that have no specific meaning, as this still constitutes microaggression against those who are unable to speak at all, but rather only when everyone is rendered eternally mute. Even then, there is the risk of microaggression against those who cannot be silent. We must therefore strive from some state of permanent subjective nondifferentiation and non-agentive-initiative that goes beyond even that. Can you see how this all dissolves into nihilism?)

The ontologically distinct. Sure, we can go there. And it buys us… what, exactly? Fuck all, that’s what. It’s pointless. It’s just badgering to feel good about yourself for being an “activist,” which somehow people presume “makes the world a better place.” This is what the left has come to. This is literally the way in which the left is attempting, these days, to make the world a better place. Not by feeding the hungry or by fighting climate change or nuclear proliferation, by and large, but by fighting mathematical concepts like “average.”

This is why Clinton lost. This is why Sanders is so hated, and also why he has become so powerful—because he is the only figure on the left illustrating deftly, by his actions and statements, the degree to which the emperor has no clothes and the virtue is, in fact, vice—the mortal sin of vanity.

Yes, let’s all prove how morally above-average we are by beating down the merely average on account of their undeserved privilege, the Nazis.

Fuck off, SJWs. Let us have our sensible left back. Go check your virtuous SJW privilege, whatever that means.

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