Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

I’ll say it again: I was wrong.  §

I was wrong about social media during all those years as a social scientist. Not wrong about the benefits, but wrong to be dismissive of the problems to which others were pointing. I was blinded by my own relationship to social media, and my inability to identify with what others were experiencing.

The fact is, social media does foster narcissism. High levels of it. In fact, it has turned our entire world into a narcissistic one. Narcissism has become the universal disease.

Our politics consist of narcissism.
Our human relationships consist of narcissism.
Our approach to personal growth is pure narcissism.
Even assistance to others now takes on the appearance of narcissism.

Those few of us left who haven’t been infected look at the landscape and take in a sea of narcissists as far as the eye can see. There is little left to say to them, and they have little to say to us. The is a deep canyon running through the human race now, separating the whining, virtue-signaling, grasping narcissists from the largely reticent non-narcissists.

Postmodernism and cosmopolitanism laid the cultural foundations; social media brought the infrastructural framework.

Not sure where we go from here, but I’m not super excited to hobnob with the population of the West right now. I have no interest in joining that game. Sadly, there is no other game in town. I guess there’s nothing for it but to tend my own garden.

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