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Some days.  §

I should have known this was going to be a singular sort of day when our puppy Molly managed to steal three consecutive sandwiches from dear daughter in the space of about five minutes, and all before 6:30 am.

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We were up at 6:30 am because dear daughter was competing in the Taekwondo state championships today and we had to drive 40 miles early in the morning to be there on time.

And she did, in fact, medal in her event. First tournament, first medal, first thrill of victory—just as we were busy discovering that dear son was rapidly developing a serious case of pink-eye. This meant that we had to duck out early, failing just a bit to support the rest of the team properly, in order to have him seen.

So we walked several blocks back to the car while the even was still ongoing, had ten minutes of drama with our now overexcited puppy (who had been in the car the entire time), and then hit the road to drive 40 miles—and end up crashing.

Not a serious crash, thank goodness, for us, but due to the angle of impact and the relative heights of the two vehicles, one that left our vehicle inoperable and likely not repairable at reasonable costs, at least for someone who is not a mechanic (i.e. me).

So we walked home where I rapidly printed out a bunch of financial documents and arranged for a loaner car which we used to rapidly drive 40 miles right back to the other valley again and begin car shopping.

By the end of the day we had in the house three fewer sandwiches, a new gold medal, a new car, and three exhausted people.

And since we didn’t make it to the physician, I did the wrong but necessary thing and pulled out my old (not expired yet) pinkeye antibiotic, looked up pediatric concentrations and doses, and began administering to dear son, whose pinkeye is by now obvious.

And so it is 11:00 pm and I am utterly, utterly exhausted—and sitting here typing on a blog.

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