Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Seasons.  §

© Aron Hsiao / 2017

Spring — Gather myself. Feel expansive, then, as the season progresses, on top of the world. Projects. Goals. Launch the rocket, start the train. Acceleration. Abandon.

Summer — Pick up a passenger. Fleeting days, meaningful nights. Cacophony. Melee. In the midst of it all, momentum slows.

Fall — Hang on until the bitter end. Pull into the station, haltingly, but sure. Achievement. Arrival.

Winter — Realize the passenger is either bad for me or bad in general. Leave them behind. Suffer some. With no destination ahead, anomie. Wreckage.

— § —

These are the seasons, though in my life they are somewhat slower than they are on the calendar.

The river flows, the wheel spins, the clock turns. A season, a season, a season, a season.

Late winter / early spring now.

Let’s do it all again.

— § —

I mean, when it hits you, you’ve gotta do something.

May as well hit it back, head-on.

(It’s taken me a lifetime to learn that. Still learning it.)

— § —

So yeah, did not “let it go.”


I must be crazy. Let’s find out!

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