Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Do or say.  §

I officially declare a stalemate.

So now what?

— § —

Eleven years later, I finally watched Prime Suspect 7. I’d been holding off forever because once I’d watched it, that would be the end. And so it is.

© Aron Hsiao / 1996, 2002

I find so much to identify with in that character.

I hate endings. I mean, I value them more than almost anything because they are the original source of all meaning in human existence. But I hate them all the same.

— § —

I am struggling with the whole “puppy” thing and wondering if in an alternate universe in which honest engagement with self was possible I’d think it was a mistake.

It certainly is endless work and endless destruction and endless cost.

— § —

I don’t know what to do or say with the rest of this post.

But I was born into a class in which there’s nothing but vertical walls and silence around “do” and “say” in general; you do and say what is prescribed and you don’t have any other ideas.

So I don’t have any other ideas, and I never will.

— § —

Aside from my children, everything important in my life seems so very hazy and so very long ago, like I’ve been dead for years already.

— § —

Never marry.

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