Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

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  • MGTOW? I suppose not. But it is tempting. Very tempting. Thing is, I don’t think it buys us anything. The problem in the world today is that there isn’t enough masculinity, not that there’s too much of it. “Masculinity” meaning calm, strength, reserve, courage, responsibility, and wisdom. Yes, those are masculine traits. Sorry, they are, and I’ve seen nothing in my life to make me think otherwise. No, not Trump, we don’t need more Trump. We need masculinity enough to make the open claim that masculinity is not the same thing as “toxic masculinity” and that while we may have a recent surplus of the latter, we also have a dearth of the former. If good, strong men check out, we’re in trouble. Contrary to what the toxic wing of femininity so loudly proclaims.
  • Problem is, good strong men are checking out. Or rather, they are no longer coming to fruition. They’re being undermined before they ever develop; they are not reaching adulthood.
  • I refuse to virtue signal. In a world of virtue signalling gone mad, in which it has become such a habit for people that they don’t even realize that they’re merely virtue signalling any longer—that they have not a single virtue of their own that will actually stand up, that it’s all hat and no cattle—I refuse. Call me what you will. There is a tremendous amount of bullshit out there being mistaken for enlightenment, and precious little enlightenment.
  • The best strategy of evil is to proclaim that good is actually evil. That strategy is working out pretty well right now. A few people from former totalitarian societies are pointing this out, but the virtue signalers don’t hear anything that they’re saying because to even lend an ear is orthogonal to seizing the best opportunities to virtue-signal.
  • It’s a time of decline. There is no point analyzing it because there is no audience for the analysis. When all of society goes mad, there is no point in talking about anything any longer. It’s time for those who are not mad to simply go about their business. But probably not to withdraw entirely.
  • The old social more from a century ago was “no sex before marriage.” There is a new version that young men should learn. “No women before fifty.” It is not until you are that age that you are accomplished enough, financially secure enough, or emotionally stable enough to cope with today’s socially constructed dating landscape. Try it any earlier than that and odds are that it will seriously fuck your life up. That’s probably my sense of MGTOW—young men have to be trained to stay focused on themselves and their productive lives until they are developed enough to safely associate with women, which doesn’t happen until later in life. Decades later than used to be the case. They need to be men capable of coping with the world, and with potential mates, and then with mates, before they can become husbands and fathers and leaders effectively. It is simply harder to cope than it used to be—and it does no good to have boys who are not yet men running around at 20 or 30 getting destroyed before they ever have a chance to become men. So that is what is needed—men should wait until they are 50, established, and grown. And in the meantime, women will just have to be patient.
  • I knew this by my mid-twenties and repeatedly told other young guys as much. But I succumbed anyway. It is time that I take my own advice. Eight years until I am ready to date again, at least—because it is simply not wise to do so until then. The world is not configured right now to give men any second chances or safe risks. It is simply unsafe, radically unsafe, to associate with women until you are older and more powerful. At some point, I will learn my lesson. Hopefully I have now.
  • Goethe: “You must either conquer and rule or serve and lose, suffer or triumph, be the anvil or the hammer.” People always come back with bromides about how life isn’t a zero-sum game and zero-sum thinking isn’t helpful. Only it is. It is a zero-sum game. It always has been. And pretending that it’s otherwise doesn’t change a thing. It just allows—in Camille Paglia’s words—the barbarians at the gate to snicker a bit as they overtake you. That it “is not a zero-sum game” is what those who are very good at playing it invariably tell those who (for obvious reasons) end up losing it.

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