Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Unhacked.  §

I think.

In late September, someone apparently going by “Mido” exploited me here. Basically I left some old installs of WordPress and Drupal hanging around and it’s my guess that they used one of them to get in. Oops. And then they added a bunch of search gaming stuff to have me advertise Rakuten products for them.

I fixed the human-facing side of things within a few days, but the Googlebot, etc. stuff I hadn’t had a chance to get to until today.

So now in a Google search for my name, we’re back to the same old, rather than my name generating a lot of products advertised in Japanese as a result.

Every now and then, this happens. It’s super annoying and mildly worrying, but what’s a person to do? This is 2017. You can be Apple and spend your whole life trying to be secure and still end up pwned. For a little WordPress blog off in the corner of the web universe? The cycles don’t exist. You just run as smart as you reasonably can, cross your fingers, keep backups, and clean up afterward when it happens.

Although no love is lost here for the people that do this kind of stuff. I used to know some “easy money” people in NYC. What I should have done was punch them in the face rather than merely decide to stop hanging out when them when I found out. Punch them in the face and bloody them up against the curb.

We don’t have enough of that kind of justice in society today. One more thing lost with the death of men. Sometimes, the right answer is simply to wind up and let someone have it as a matter of honor, integrity, and doing the right thing.

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