Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Marx’s critique is done for. Social and economic Marxians are lost.  §

There have been so many schools of thought trying to dissect things in recent years. Hyperreality, post-industrialism, new media, actor-network theory, informationalism, and so on.

They’re all slightly different ways of saying the same thing: Marx has now become obsolete.

His basic social critique was that of the commodity fetish—people inordinately value the commodity objects, valorizing the relationships between commodity objects which, in reality, mask and stand in for the much more real relationships between social subjects and their much more real subjectivities. The commodity object and object relations are epiphenomenal to human society.

We are now in the era of the subject fetish—people inordinately value the social subject, valorizing the relationships between people which, in reality, mask and stand in for the much more real relationships between commodity objects and their much more real objectivities. Human society and subject relations are epiphenomenal to the commodity ecosystem.

Yes, this has already been said, probably most effectively by Baurdillard and Latour, but at times like these, with the vast, epiphenomenal ideological superstructure of identity politics flowering around us, it bears repeating in the simplest possible terms.

The humans are the false consciousness. The autonomous things, and the relations amongst them, are real and are now the subject of history.

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