Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Both progress and reaction are eating themselves.  §

I’m exhausted by our political culture.

Not just that, but I don’t believe any of it.

I don’t believe that:

  • There is a rape culture
  • The Democrats are plotting a communist takeover
  • White supremacy dominates American life
  • Lascivious women enjoy murdering babies
  • Christians want a Theocracy
  • Academics want to brainwash young people
  • etc.

Virtually every last thing that every last activist argues these days is utter bullshit. It’s all nonsense. Left and right. It’s all made-up fairy stories. How did we get here? I have no idea.

We should be worrying about:

  • Nuclear proliferation
  • Climate change
  • Income and wealth inequality
  • The end of work

Instead, these things barely even merit a mention. By either side.

I think this is what happens when you take a population, and you eliminate from their lives:

  • Religious cosmology
  • Strong social ties and stable families
  • Communities of tradition
  • A great men and great works arc of historical knowledge

Left without these things, people have no way to situate their own lives in relation to the ontological world. Meaning inheres in nothing; they have nothing to cling to but their own identities, which are based entirely on things intrinsic to them, largely physical attributes and thoughts (e.g. opinions).

So they must act on these and defend them to the death, because to fail to honor them is to threaten the only sense of meaning that people have.

The average American right now desperately needs, but does not know that he or she needs:

  • A god
  • A stable family that they can’t escape
  • A community that hasn’t changed
  • A narrative, rather than totalizing or historicist, view of history

They’re like kids. They need structure and discipline to be imposed upon them. They need to be brought to heel, be told the stories, and be tested on whether or not they can repeat them.

They will respond like kids do—with rebellion and then, later, with secret gratitude.

Freedom has become the enemy, because freedom is another way of saying “I’m afraid. Please tell me that someone stronger and wiser than me—but who will protect me, rather than hurt me—is in charge here.”

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