Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Ten heterodox assertions about society and life as a human being.  §

Let’s not beat about the bush. Here they are.

  • Men and women are essentially and biologically different, and no socialization or appeal thereto can change this.

  • Humans are not gods, but every human being will, without exception, find and worship one.

  • The essence and native tendency of life—social and individual—is perpetual struggle, not peace.

  • Nature is not by nature nurturing and friendly, but unforgiving and ruthless.

  • No society survives without a masculine dimension of fortification and struggle; reality does not permit it.

  • No child thrives without a masculine tutelage in fortification and struggle; reality does not permit it.

  • A healthy child and a healthy society balance masculine and feminine appropriately; they do not eliminate one or the other.

  • Without a shared god grounded in humanity’s mythic needs, a random assortment of capricious, narcissistic gods will govern.

  • All attempts to eliminate suffering instead create it at greater scale.

  • Justice cannot be had; we have a word for the attempt to create it despite this truth: “terror.”

Sue me.

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