Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Vampire, werewolf, surgeon, billionaire, and pirate.  §

Could it be that all of western society right now is a massive, unconscious shit test? There are times—increasingly frequent times—when I am absolutely certain that this must be so.

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And that men are failing miserably.

Maybe it’s time for all of us to wake up. But after everything that has gone before—after generations of the inheritance have been lost—is this even possible any longer?

— § —

My level of trust these days? Zero percent. Less than zero percent.

The question is what I can do with that. Hopefully not nothing, but we’ll see.

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One side is wrong. Given the level of diametric opposition involved, it cannot be anything other than so.

And given the level of diametric opposition involved, when it is determined just which side it is that is wrong, bound up with the emergence of that decision we’ll find catastrophe and the collapse of western civilization.

Maybe, given material circumstances, even all of human civilization.

Human psychology is an absolutely brutal thing.

That we’re so damned smart is precisely why we’re so damned stupid.

— § —

I repent of all the ideological sins I committed in my youth. From here on out, I fight the good fight.