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The incoherence of the cultural moment, especially on the left.  §

Just stumbled across this article from Commentary again, and was floored by it again:

© Gage Skidmore / 2016

“Hillary was running as a woman at precisely the cultural moment when gender had become a highly fluid concept. College kids (the majority of whom are now female) reject ‘gender binaries’ like male and female; transgender activists successfully argue for gender-neutral bathrooms and locker rooms; men become women and vice versa; and the Cover Girl company recently featured a male model in a full face of makeup to hawk its wares. As liberal culture is constantly reminding us, it’s a post-feminist, gender-fluid world, right? So who cares if a woman is in the Oval Office?”

I’d forgotten after reading countless other post-morta about this insight that really serves to illuminate what happened to college-educated white Women, who are both amongst the most “woke” in the country and also amongst the most maligned for their supposed treachery. Role strain a-go-go; to be “woke” in this country is to be pulled in a thousand different directions at once. Yet to have a strong, coherent opinion on anything at all is to be either an ideologue or a reactionary. The cultural injunction on all sides is to refuse to be “for” anything, as preference implies discrimination in the literal sense, and discrimination is bad. Yet to act without preference as a matter of pure contingency, lacking articulated principles, in all cases, is also the very definition of reaction.

All things are bad; therefore, embrace nothing; however, to refuse to embrace anything is equally bad—it is seen as the most self-serving member of the set of “all things.”

It’s so emblematic of where we are as a nation, left and right—the contradictions in both are undermining our ability as members of society to function in an integrated way; it’s no wonder that in the aggregate we are also not integrated.

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