Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Once everyone was a comedian. Now everyone’s a preacher.  §

Media today is completely unconsumable.

Look around at any medium. Print. Television. Radio. Online journalism. Social media. It’s all the same. It’s:

  • Banal

  • Insipid

  • Pointless

  • Naval-gazing

  • Moralistic

The last one deserves a special mention, because it’s so unbearable. Literally every piece of content in every medium on every platform is preaching at you.

Preaching at you.

It’s always some lonely hipper-than-thou righteousness auteur speaking in that NPR documentary voice trying to convince you of either your own sins or someone else’s sins, and working hard to assert, somewhere underneath it all, that You Had Better Do The Right Thing, which is of course precisely what said auteur would prefer. But of course for nobody any longer is anything mere personal preference, because the personal is political—so all matters are matters of justice.

Whether or not you like the same drinks as me is a matter of justice. Whether or not you wear the same pants as me is a matter of justice. My favorite color and my favorite holidays are matters of justice. And ethics. And morality.

All of these people—all of them—ought to be shot. It’s disgusting. It’s embarrassing. It’s painful. It’s a waste of skin.

The culture is a cesspit of narcissism and self-indulgence masquerading as religion masquerading as media.

People, just go to church. You all make fun of it but it’s so infinitely more moral that your Atlantic videos, neusitcoms, and “creative nonfiction pieces” in the New Yorker. In other words, *uck you all, and the more literate or media-savvy you are, the more *uck you all I express.

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