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Things that can’t be said but ought to be.  §

Some people are better than others.

Some families are better than others.

Mothers and fathers are both empirically important in childrens’ lives.

Two mothers or two fathers is not as good as one mother and one father.

© Aron Hsiao / 2017

A single mother or a single father are not as good as a mother and a father.

Boys need physical play, volence, and risk.

There are biological differences between boys and girls.

Sex is a biological characteristic.

Gender is statistically tightly correlated to sex.

The world would not be any better if entirely run by women than entirely by men.

Too much femininity is as evil and dangerous as too much masculinity.

Historically men have suffered more than women in terms of excess deaths.

Men still suffer more than women in terms of excess deaths.

Appropriate femininity is invaluable to society.

Appropriate masculinity is invaluable to a society.

Gender is not a spectrum, it is a culturally variable series of specific instantiations.

Sex is not a spectrum, it is a dipole.

The left is no longer the left; it is an ideological project to hide from hard stuff.

The global right and left are equally morally bankrupt.

Trump is not reaction, he is reaction-reaction.

The reaction to which he is reaction was on the left over the past twenty years.

Both reactions have made life worse, not better.

All mature, sensible, empirically-minded people are now “radical right” to those on the left.

All mature, sensible, empirically-minded people are now “radical left” to those on the right.

Things will get worse before they get better.

Morality is a thing.

According to conventional sociological definitions, everyone is religious.

Some are theists. Some are atheists. Some are ideologues. All are religious.

Real, metaphysical evil exists, is real, and is present in the world.

The fact that we don’t believe this after Hitler, Mao, and Stalin is precisely evidence for it.

The people who fancy themselves most moral are the most likely to be evil.

A “just world” is a world without suffering is a world composed entirely of suffering.

Have I left anything out?

— § —

“The dividing line between good and evil cuts through every human heart.”

— Solzhenitsyn

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